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Dr. Johnitia Williams
Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapist



Physical Therapy, Coaching & Performance Concierge

Traveling services that are 1-on-1, allowing for attention to individual needs. 

  • Do you need or desire physical therapy services but find it difficult to manage healthcare costs due to copayments, coinsurance, or lack of insurance?

  • Does your pain or injury require more attention?

  • You're not experiencing pain but would like soft tissue work for performance or recovery needs?

  • Do you know someone (ie elderly) who is deconditioned and having health issues that are worsening or could possibly worsen, if they don't become mobile?

  • Would like for someone to assess your movement?

  • Are nagging injuries slowing you down in life or sport?

  • Are you an athlete interested in improving your athleticism and performance in order to play sports at the next level (high school, college etc)?

  • Are you or do you know a youth or female athlete interested in improving their basketball skills?

  • Has your Physical Therapy care ended but you want to continue improving your fitness post rehab?

  • Do you want to move or PLAY better?


If yes, then contact Dr. Williams and let's improve the way you move and perform. 

***Free zoom consultation session!!! Email for scheduling. 

Fitness,Physical Therapy,COACHING, Performance

  • Manual therapy (hands on treatment including soft tissue mobilizations, cupping, dry needling, for improving pain,mobility &/or flexibility). Great for rehab & performance/recovery needs.

  • Movement Screening and Analysis (runners, throwers, jumpers & more)-mechanical errors & corrections.

  • Blood Flow Restriction Training

  • Management of Concussion Injuries(see FAQs Physical Therapy)

  • Post surgical (see FAQs Physical Therapy)

  • Personal Training/Maintenance Program(Improve fitness)/Inactive to Mobile Program

  • Basketball skill development for youth & female athletes.

  • Youth & Adult Athletic Development Programs 

  • Rehab to Return to Sport Programs(see FAQs Physical Therapy)

  • Video series  (featuring workout programs)

***See service tab for more!!!

Services are cash based only, however, a billing statement can be provided at date of service for Physical Therapy Plan of Care. These are know as superbills and they can be submitted to insurance for full or partial reimbursement of services. Please contact me for more details.

***Free zoom consultation session!!! Email for scheduling.         

****PLEASE READ***Return policy-Purchasers of fitness, athletic development programs and Physical Therapy services are non-refundable. These services are not goods but skilled services that are research based and will yield individual results when performed as instructed. Maintenance Program/Personal Training is $60 per sessions. Physical Therapy services require a non-refundable deposit of $50 for scheduling an appointment, that will be deducted from full cost of service provided. Please contact for scheduling an appointment. Other skilled services, as mentioned above, require a non-refundable deposit of $15 for guaranteed fitness, coaching or performance training session, this will be deducted from full cost of service provided. Purchasers of individual videos or video series channel may request a partial refund of 30%, if later deemed medically unable to perform program (must have proof).  Once confirmed the partial refund will be returned within 3-5 business days.***
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What's the process?


#1 Determine the cause of your problem or injury. What limits your performance?

#2 Develop an individual program to meet your needs.

#3 Dominate movement and perform at max potential.

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Invest in your health today.